How it works

If you are a celebrity or you know how to pursue people to do something. You have some to the right place. We are hiring people of different ages.

Skill Needed

You need to have at least 1500+ Followers in Facebook or Instagram to join this program.


You will get 10% Commission of the product (bags and shoes)

In our Store, Minimum price of shoe or bag is : 1300 Taka. And the average price for show and bag is : 2000 Taka

So for each sell you have getting 2000 x 10% = 200 Taka

If you can able to sell 20 products per month by one facebook / instagram post. You income will be : 200 x 10 = 2000 Taka

This income can come from one facebook post only !!

Super Seller

If you are able to sell continuously 40+ products each month for constitutive 3 months.

We will consider you as super seller !!

From Forth Month you are going to get 7% of the product price.

So your earning as follows

40 x (2000 x 10%) = 8000 Taka